WHAT IS tHe Hospitality Industry, reallY? 

The hospitality industry is comprised of multiple sectors, including mainly accomodations, tourism, and travel. As the word "hospitality" suggests, the industry's main task is to give guests a friendly, comfortable respite from the world while they stay in our hotels, inns, restaurants, conference halls, business centers. and other similar locations. 

In addition to its impact on the individuals it comes into contact with, the hospitality industry generated over  $1.5 trillion in economic output in 2016, supporting 7.6 million U.S. jobs. We are a significant building block of the nation's economy and are proud to continue that growth with more and more military talent. 


The hospitality industry offers a wide variety of careers that range from entry level to degree-concentrated roles. The overarching requirement for these positions, however, is the need for employees have strong leadership and managerial and operational skills.

Because those with a military background have thrive in an environment with these leadership, managerial, and operational challenges arise, hospitality leaders are competing to be your next employer. 

With their help, explore a career in hotel administration, tourism, travel, operations, marketing, hospitality management, customer service. The organizational, business management, and customer service competencies used in hospitality segments are transferable across all areas.

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Featured Hospitality Careers

Scroll below to learn more about just a few of the career paths the hospitality industry provides to Veterans, members of the Guard and Reserve, transitioning service members, and military families. Check out the information below to see the most popular job types in the industry and click on the job title for more details.

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Hotel Manager 

$54,203 - $70,588 annually

Manages day to day operations for a hotel. Ensures profitability and successful performance of an assigned hotel. Promotes a positive environment for guests by supervising the work of front desk, valet, concierge, or housekeeping staff. Staffs and trains hotel employees in a manner that increases sales, ensures customer satisfaction, and complies with organizational policies and procedures. 


Catering Manager

$47,171 - $70,391 annually

Meets with catering clients to schedule events and select menu items, negotiate contracts, and arrange for billing. Coordinates with event venue to ensure appropriate staffing, decor, or equipment availability. Hires, trains, schedules, and evaluates catering staff, including wait staff and kitchen staff. Oversees food preparation and service during banquets or other catered events, ensuring guest satisfaction.



$23,850 - $28,862 annually

Dusts stationary fixtures like bookshelves, tables, counters, or desks. Vacuums or sweeps and mops floors. Scrubs sinks, toilets, showers, or other kitchen/bathroom fixtures. Restocks disposable items like soap or toilet tissue. Removes trash from trash cans. Empties hampers or collects and replaces soiled linens, towels, or other textiles. Reports equipment or mechanical issues to maintenance staff.